Ahh, the internet, what a wonderful invention. You can access your personal information, social networks and even do product research right in the middle of a department store, in your car or anywhere else you may happen to be.

However, you also likely know how important it is to be careful when it comes to sharing personal information. You wouldn’t shout your bank information to everyone in line at Kroger, right? The fact is though, when you are connecting to the internet via a public WiFi hot-spot, you are doing just that.

Use the information here to learn about 10 facts related to public WiFi that may help you keep your information private.

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Free Downloadable Apps Can Let Prying Eyes In

If you download a free app on your smartphone and use it, you are welcoming a hacker who is on the same WiFi network to login into your personal accounts. Keep in mind, this applies to social media and email. Avoid this by only using your apps when you are connected to a secure WiFi network.

Everyone Can See What You Are Doing

Just because you are on your laptop in a world of your own in a coffee shop, you are still surrounding by other people, sharing an internet connection. You should think of this and behave how you would if you were making a phone call in public. If you would not say something on the phone around other people, you shouldn’t put it online, especially personal information. Even if you are in a public network with a password, there is no way to keep other laptops from eavesdropping on what you are doing.

You’re Exposed Without A Firewall And Antivirus Software

Your firewall and antivirus software that is. You need to ensure you have your firewall and software updated before going out of your secure network. While it won’t provide protection from every single attack, it will help to protect you from any automated viruses or worms that use public WiFi to spread from computer to computer.

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VPN’s Can Help Keep Your Information Safe

If you are planning on working while out and about, you should connect to your company’s VPN prior to using the public WiFi network. VPNs encrypt all the traffic in a way that hides your data and the identity of the servers you are connected to. Finding the right VPN Service is the best way to get this safety and security.

You Can Choose Safer Webpages

When you visit an encrypted web page, it will offer more protection than a nonencrypted one. Look for the lock in the search engine bar to know if you are visiting a safe, encrypted webpage.

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