Now you can easily recover your lost data with this data recovery software, even after if you have mistakenly deleted your partitions and formatted drives.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is an expert free data recovery software with an extraordinarily long feature list.

This program has the capacity to recover unexpectedly removed data files.However, it can also manage hard drives which are no longer found by thesystem, and if you have formatted the drives accidently, then it will bring back everything to you in just matter of minutes. And if you have unintentionally removed your partition, do not freak out — EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard can easily fix that, too.

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Top Features Of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 10.8

Listed here are the tempting popular features of EaseUS data recovery which I found.

Works With All Data File Types

Typically, the delete button doesn’t have anelegancebecause it can remove any data files from our computer. For this reason, we need to retrieve various types of files.

If you opt for a retrieval tool with limited data type support, you can’t find all your important deleted data.

Don’t be bothered! EaseUS can support all sorts of files. You can easily restore files, pictures, movies, audio tracks, zipped data, pretty much everything.

Partition Recovery

In case you installed any OS on your PC, there is a chance you could collapse everything, and you know better what I am talking about,yes, the majority of the data recovery software consider finding data from the current partitions during installation. Let’s say you haven’tfound your important data that were in your partition you removed after OS installation, and you have nothing to do with anything if everything has gone invisible. EaseUS Data Recovery software has a transparent edge over its rivals in this part. Just pick the suitable option and get back everything!

Supports Several Systems

Loss of data can easily happen on any system. You might unconsciously press a delete button on the cell phone also. When considering devices without any recycle bin or even trashes (unlike pcs), the life gets worst.

EaseUS file recovery supports nearly all devices. You need to install the program on your PC, attach your device to it, and operate EaseUS Data Retrieval with suitable options. There you have it! It’ll drill down into absolute depths to show all removed files before you. After that, you can easily pick and retrieve what you look for.

As well as EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard works in just about every catastrophe recovery problem. It operates on any type of Microsoft Windows from 2000 to latest editions; can easily support FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS as well as EXT2/EXT3 computer files; it retrieves files from computer drives, universal serial bus storage, storage cards and much more; and harmonizes with both dynamic and basic disks.

Final Verdict

So, do you think EaseUS is worth a try?

Absolutely! If you need to save your place by using a way to recover removed files also from misplaced partitions, you have to go for it.

It is possible to restore 2 Gigabytes of data free of charge. Right after the completion of cost-free data quota, you can buy a premium version. I know that you will definitely choose the premium version beyond doubt.

Are you getting excited about it? Drop by the website and get this software.

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