Are you losing hope for the millennial generation? Then stop right there! Use the lessons learned in to develop a newfound sense of liberation and ambition. The truth is, there are many different ways to make a living, and millennials are leading the way in some of them! Case in point Reddit.

A Brief Background Of Reddit

While many people have heard of the website deemed Reddit, some may not realize that it is filled with “sub-reddits,” or specific web pages that are dedicated to a specific topic or niche. There are subreddits for minimalists, feminists, web designers, freelancers, rubber duck collectors…the list goes on and on. Clearly there are some sub-reddits that are amateurish or just plain joking, but there are also subreddits filled with professionals and other reputable subscribers. It is all about choosing which sub-reddits to post content on. If another Reddit user likes when you post, they can comment on it, up vote it (similar to giving a “like”,) or even give you Reddit “gold.” With this background information, you may now see how Reddit could very well be a marketing tool for a business.

An Analysis Of The Tools

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Furthermore, if you take a look at the Internet tools on Reddit, you can brainstorm some ways in which these tools can benefit your marketing tactics. You don’t want to blatantly take over Reddit with your own personal or professional agenda – you can probably get banned from the site for doing that anyway. Rather, you can utilize the existing resources on the website to give you an extra boost. For instance, Reddit includes a Meta Reddit search function, which allows users to make detailed and advanced searches of the site. Let’s say that you’re looking for tips and hints about floral design. You can put that request into Meta Reddit can find sub-reddits and corresponding posts that detail floral design. Buzzsumo lets you know which Reddit posts are currently trending, making it easier for you to eye out competition and future web content for you own site.

A Glance At The Possibilities

Of course, the basic functions of Reddit are great on their own, but when you combine them all together and really optimize their usage, the possibilities are seemingly endless. If you want to get started, follow these guidelines as suggested on First of all, set up your account, and make it professional! Then you can start frequenting sub-reddits that pertain to your business and offerings. Not only will you learn new things from other professionals in your field, but you can promote your products and services as well as guide users to your personal site. Be careful though, as each sub-reddit has its own set of rules for posting.

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