If you own a business in today’s era, it is quite obvious that your goal is to implement the best possible online and offline marketing tools to promote your services and products. This includes the distribution of information about your business from emails right through to various brand awareness workshops. Now imagine that you are at a conference or a trade show or simply meeting a prospective client. The first thought that will cross your mind is, did they get a chance to read through the emails or ever visit your website? You then shake hands and pull out a stack of business cards to share. That particular moment is the one that provides tangibility to the fact that you not only own a business but also are a brand!

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There are certain paraphernalia in business that can match the power of this compact little piece of card. The card is printed with your brand details and of course, adds immense value to the first impression. To understand how a business card is still the best way to pass your contact details in the digital era we shall first take look at the advantages that it provides over other marketing tools.

Human Connection Makes Your Brand Successful

True trust building conversations are the foundation for building a brand or running a successful business. Instead of swapping contacts impersonally, create a noteworthy reminiscence of your encounter by sharing your business card. Eye contact, handshakes and a small exchange of pleasantries act as efficient interactive elements that engage your client or prospect. So next time you shake hands with a smile and whip out a well-designed business card, rest assured that you already have made an impact with a much needed human touch.

Instantly Boosts Business Legitimacy

SEO and email marketing definitely bring in leads and prospects but you can always find or meet a prospect anywhere (for e.g.in an airport lounge). Being unfamiliar with your brand, they are ought to be inquisitive about certain things before making any decision. A business card can quickly introduce them to “who you are”, “where you’re located”, “what you would do for them” and most importantly, “how to contact you” once they feel you are worth their time. A professionally designed business card helps project your business as a proficient and legitimate one.

Facilitates Networking With Non-Techno Crowd

Technology advances every day but not every prospect you meet is a gizmo geek or interested in using internet and gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and notepads. Nearly 20-22% of the American population is not accustomed to the latest gadgets. They like old-fashioned communication modes or simply want to avoid distractions caused by continuous emails and pop-ups. Business cards are a traditional way to share your contact information that can reach this very crowd. And since they value the business card, they might end up sharing it with like-minded people thus increasing your visibility.

Promotes Brand Longevity In Online Adverts Era

Nothing is more frustrating than those pop-up ads that seem to invade your space while you are searching for something online. These days, human eyes have become so accustomed to a plethora of online ads on every page that people literally lose sight of them and develop something called “banner blindness”. Like any other printed material, business cards require a space to be stored. It may be a wallet, card holder or a worktable where it can sit for months, get picked up time after time, facilitating the constant consumption of your business information! Business cards help you engage with your target market and if your business card is uniquely creative then they might let somebody else see it, thus continuing to market for you long after you made your first impression.

Some Figures To Drive The Message Home

According to the Statistics Brain Research Institute, a trusted research provider to CNN, Forbes etc., stated that approximately 27 million business cards are printed each day in the United States alone which translates to almost 10 billion cards per year. The research goes a long way to arrive at the fact that with every two thousand business cards that are shared, one can expect a sales hike by an average of 2.5%.Nearly 72% of the population judge a brand that one represents based on the peculiarity and brilliance of their business card. Also, 39% of the people preferred not to do any business with brands having chintzy business cards.

These figures suggest that indeed business cards are essential even in this digital marketing era. But in order to be successful, they also need to be distinctly featured. Below are some aspects that can help you achieve this.

Equip Your Business Card To Be The Best Marketing Tool

Multi-functional business cards can make the recipients interact more times than they would with a typical business card and make your brand memorable. You can design your business card as a sticker that can be put on a desk, a bookmark or maybe a note card design that can be used to scribble something that they want to remember. These functionalities make sure your card is used in more than one way. By creating such designs you minimize the risk of your prospects just glancing at it once, losing it or in the worst case, trashing it.

  • Plaster SKU or QR codes on the business card to track your latter’s conversion rate. Once you distribute it, let the recipients avail impressive discounts/coupons for visiting your business website through the business card and you will get loads of insights to improve.
  • Embed links to social media handles such as Twitter and Facebook, so that prospects get to know about your business on frequently used social media pages. Let your business card and online marketing channels fuse together in order to provide a broader sight of yourself and your organization to potential customers.

Offline and online marketing integration is imperative in order to create a holistic strategy which results in business success. Let your business card be your best marketing tool by employing such strategies as including testimonials, giving special offers and amusing recipients with a fun fact/ tricky question so that they continue to interact. Make sure you use business cards, foster deeper connections with recipients and make your brand memorable!

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