If you want your files to run quicker, or you want it to run smoothly without any loading circles, and long waits for the desktop to load up then building your own custom PC and adding on parts can be the best way to ensure that it runs smoothly. Updating components, whether you have a gaming computer or a basic PC is a great way to improve a computers’ running speed, and although it is dependent on what you regularly use your PC for, there are many ways to improve the smoothness of a PC. You can prolong your PC’s life by updating just a few components, so we’ve put together a list of the best. Of course, it’s important to remember that before you make any major changes to your computer, you should always back up your files to an external memory storage first.

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Boost Your CPU

Although a dual-core processor can do just fine at running some modern games, a quad-core processor will definitely help your PC to run smoother, and faster. You can determine how fast your system performs, and although a CPU should run in line with a decent video card, it can still help to improve your systems’ performance. Quad core processors are some of the best on the market and are ideal for gaming purposes, but if you simply run Microsoft Office, you probably won’t see much difference between a dual-core CPU and a quad-core CPU.

SSD Hard Drive

An SD hard drive simply means that there’s a fast boot speed and all files can be accessed very quickly. An SSD hard drive are currently the fastest forms of storage available and can give your system a boost in application and OS load times, data transfer speeds and overall responsiveness. Due to the fact that they have flash memory chips, they are lighter and more reliable. Although they are more expensive than a standard hard disk drives (HDD) they can give you a lot more performance, and are less power hungry – perfect for any computer no matter what purpose you’re using it for. If you want fast and smooth load times, then choose an SSD card.

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Upgrade Your RAM

Depending on how much RAM your computer has, upgrading it can help your PC to run more smoothly. RAM can help to run numerous programs at the same time, and run programs that smaller RAMs struggle with. If you use your PC for gaming, then upgrading your RAM is a must, as some games rely on higher capacities than others to run smoothly. Although this is not a necessity, more computer RAM can really help to improve your PC’s performance.

Water Cooler

Installing a watercooler into your PC is a great way to help keep your PC cool and even reduce noise levels. Although water and electricity might not be known to be the best of friends, a water cooler really can be great news for your PC. A PC that overheats is never very good.  This can reduce the life-span of your computer’s components, cause your PC to go into hibernation, and can stop your computer from running smoothly. Watercoolers used to be very expensive, but now with quad-core processors not needing as much of a cool-down as traditional PC’s may have needed, they have reduced in cost. If you don’t fancy cutting your case, or even venturing inside, you can also find external watercooling kits. On top of actually helping your PC to run smoothly, a water cooler can help to make your PC look pretty cool too.

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