In the world of gaming, there is a whole host of places one download games, and a wide variety of devices with which to play said games. For many, this means downloading onto a smartphone and taking a game on the go. And for Android users, there is a whole host of games available.

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Some Of Those Games Include

  1. Banner Saga 2. The cost of this download is around $5 and is the sequel to (what many claim) is one of the best strategy RPG games currently in existence. Some of the features are similar to that of the first release, for example, artwork styles and game-play mechanics. However, since they were so stellar in the initial game, the benefit to having them return knows no bounds. It should also be noted that the sequel costs far less than that of the first Banner Saga.
  1. The Bug Butcher. This particular game costs around $4 and is the latest release from Noodlecake Studios. This game boasts arcade shooter style effects, which combines the classic feel of standing in the arcade with one’s quarters and the modernity of carrying a computer around via a smartphone. Additionally, this game requires no in application purchases.
  1. Burly Men at Sea. This particular game application will cost the user around $5 and is a bit more unique on the gaming scale. It’s adventure based, and the era is 20th Century Scandinavia. The one downside is that the game is on the shorter side of things, so instead of a long drawn out adventure – the application will branch out offering the player to explore and play within those various branches. The application also boasts a flat, storybook style of gameplay which only adds to its charm. There are also no in-app purchases and zero advertisements.
  1. Dan The Man. This application is free but requires some in-game purchases. Dan The Man is an action platformer, which means the player is bouncing from level to level, taking on the bad guys along with various bosses. There are also daily events the player can participate in. The downside to this application is it is considered a “freemium” game, which can be bothersome to some players.
  1. Lara Croft: Guardian of Light. This game will run about $4 and is one of many in the popular Lara Croft series. The game style is similar to the older games in the series and includes some of the classic features: puzzle solving, co-op multiplayer, boss fights and more. It should be noted that the player would be using an on-screen gamepad in order to control movements. And though the gamepad works rather well, some reviewers are stating that they desired a hardware support for a physical controller. That being said, there are currently no in-app purchases necessary.

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So now that the top Android games are out there, how does one go about making it the best gaming experience? There are always add-ons within the game, but there are also accessories and cross-platform gaming that can take place. And the best way to start is by heading to Mamma. There one can find articles on the latest and greatest in technology, not to mention helpful blog articles about current games, best PC’s and more.

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