Looking back to the 1980’s we tend to remember the music and trends of the times. A decade of bold fashions and colours.  But we often it’s often overlook the 80’s as a decade of technical breakthrough and invention. When you recall the inventions of that decade you must also consider the inspiration of future technology in the following decades.

  • The Macintosh launched in 1984 later rebranded the Mac by Apple in 1998 was only one of many game changing devices to hit the high streets. The Macintosh 128k was Apple’s first mass market PC featuring integral interface and mouse.
  • The Compact Disk (digital optical disk) had been launched only two years earlier signaling the death knell for the vinyl record. Who could have predicted the way that would turn out?
  • While the digital camera did not make an appearance until 2004, the disposable camera was launched by Fujifilm in 1986. The cameras became very popular for situations where risk of damage or loss was a factor. A must have item for intrepid travelers and tourists.
  • In the late 1980’s HDTV – High Definition Television was developed in the US by a group of companies of similar interest.  Originally with 5:3 ratio and later a 16:9 ratio due to the influence of widescreen cinema it did not hit the shops until 1993.
  • When thinking back to that time we should also consider space technology. On the 12th April 1981 astronauts John Young and Bob Crippen launched into space aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. Nasa’s first mission aboard a reusable spacecraft.
  • In 1983 Motorola released its first commercial mobile phone. It was to change the world.

The Motorola DynaTAC 8000x at a cost of nearly $4000 could store only 30 numbers. The handset had 30 minutes talk time and six hours standby. It was the size of a house brick and you may smile but there are 6.8 billion mobile phone subscriptions and only 7 billion people on this planet. All in less than 30 years.

Not forgetting camcorders, contact lenses, Doppler radar and the Cabbage patch kids. The list goes on and on. And the wonderful medical breakthroughs during that decade. Hepatitis B vaccine being one of many lifesaving discoveries. It truly was an epic decade.

We take a lot of the technology for granted.

We can play games online, using our PC’s, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. In fact we now personalize our mobile devices so much that to lose them is almost a tragedy!  Playing games, saving the world against alien attack, playing at online casinos like Fruity King Mobile Casino, besides completing our banking and paying for services and good via our mobile is the norm.

If you consider what we have experienced during the last 30 years of technological wonder, it makes you wonder what we’ll be doing 30 years from now.

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