A humanoid robot has a body whose shape resembles that of a human. It was specifically developed to interact with humans and the surrounding environment. It is also meant for testing out experiment functions such as moving.

What Is The Purpose Of Building Humanoids?

Humanoids are being designed by various robotic manufacturing companies for purposes such as;

  • They serve as crucial instruments in scientific research.
  • Development of humanoid robots has led to better understanding of human cognitive abilities.  The advancement in robotic knowledge might lead to enhancement of a normal human sometime in the future.
  • Humanoids are developed to mimic human behavior and can be used to perform human tasks such reception desk job which are based on a procedure. They can also serve very well as personal assistants where they can be used to help the aged and the sick.
  • They are nowadays being used for entertaining purposes where it can sing, play music and interact with the audience.
  • Humanoids might be used in the future for dangerous and risky tasks such as space exploration.
  • They are also used extensively in the military.

Humanoids vs Cobots

Many people looking for an automation upgrade have no idea about the subtle differences in safety, programming and capacity differences between the different robotics. Humanoid robots are built not to necessarily replace the human labor but to help out in the execution of tedious and strenuous tasks. Cobots on the other hand are specifically built to work hand in hand with the humans while creating a more efficient and safer work environment. Cobots also tend to be more easily programmable than the humanoids.

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Advantages Of Humanoids

Faster And Stronger Than Humans

Humanoids are built to mimic humans but they tend to be faster and stronger. They are built to navigate with ease through narrow spaces which humans can’t fit through and execute tedious and complex tasks from various body positions. They can kneel and lean just like humans and perform tasks that require high sophistication such as screwing or torqueing.

Command And Control

Every maneuver carried out by a humanoid robot starts out as a mathematical problem which is solved to create an algorithm which is used to program the robot. A humanoid should be able to use it control functions to simulate a number of responses to its environment. It uses a computing speed of milliseconds to anticipate and react to movements done by workers at the workplace.

Watch And Learn

Scientists have made efforts to give humanoids the capacity to self-educate themselves by utilizing the databases and the internet to search for information. They hope to create robots that are more independent and that can improve on their knowledge levels.

Safety And Comfort

Humanoid robots can undertake tasks that would pose a health hazard to human workers and therefore maintaining the safety levels at maximum. They can also undertake jobs which human workers don’t want to do like taking care of the sick.

Challenges Facing Humanoid Robots


Most robotic devices usually run on power. They must therefore be tethered to a power supply or use batteries. Lack of a power source inhibits the functioning of humanoid robots.


Scientists have been successful in creating robots that are capable of movement and locomotion. Before these systems can be put into use however, they must be able to perform functions such as manipulating door handles and be able to traverse disaster zones when carrying out a rescue mission.

Artificial Intelligence

Advancement in artificial intelligence is of out-most need to enable humanoid robots to move past following simple orders. It should be developed in a way that it allows the humanoids to choose the most relevant information from a huge pool of information that they gather from the surrounding environment.


Humanoids, just like any other computer systems are prone to the risk of being hacked by people with ill intentions.

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