A few weeks ago, we were all a bit shocked and impressed by Tesla’s decision to make all of their patents fair game to anyone on the market. Many people said that they could be shooting themselves in the foot, giving way to competition that wouldn’t be afraid to cut a few corners to make a cheaper version of their highly regarded Model S, which at $70,000 is a bit out of reach for the average consumer. Tesla isn’t a bunch of dummies, however, and are planning on launching a car known as the Model E, which will only cost $30,000, which is far more within the grasp of the average car buyer.

How Is Model E Cheaper?

This is after Tesla announced the production of their Model X SUV, which should go on sale next year, giving Telsa far more of a consumer-base than they once had. According to the original report on TechnoBuffalo, the decreased price of the Model E will be due to Tesla’s proposed Gigafactory, however according to this document from Tesla themselves, the Gigafactory won’t have been completed and running until 2017, a year after the Model E is set to debut, so where the cost savings for this new car will be found is yet to be seen.

Model S Range - Model E

It is likely, however, that the car will be made of steel, rather than the aluminium of the Model S, which would increase the weight of the vehicle, logically decreasing its range, which is a major concern for most electric cars. The Model S gets about 265 miles of range on the EPA’s 5-cycle test, so one would expect a cheaper and heavier version to have far lesser range, but we will certainly have to wait and see what kind of tricks Tesla has up their sleeves for this Model E.

Would you be interested in buying a Tesla if it is only $30,000 or do you think that they have backed the wrong horse with the electric model? Tell us all of your thoughts and concerns in the comment section, below!

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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