Greetings techies, it’s that time of the week again! Today’s App Of The Week is EZ Voice Notes. This week we’re doing something slightly different. Normally I review random apps that I’ve come to enjoy and want to share the love of, but this week we’ve gotten a request from a developer who would like to attract more users.

EZ Notes is an app created by a developer named Alexander Madani. The app uses Google Voice Transcription to allow users to dictate notes to their smartphone, including setting reminders and setting Priority Levels on important notes. Once the user is done speaking, the note is automatically saved and is immediately accessible within the app.

Madani said there wasn’t any one thing that sparked the idea.

My app was never inspired or motivated by mainstream commercial interests…I can briefly say that I had been coming from the Steve Jobs era of the very first iPhone…I can say that Steve Jobs and his Apple products definitely had a positive impact on my theory of good design and user-friendly modern apps.Alexander Madani

EZ Notes Features

  • EZ Undo
  • EZ Cloud Functions
  • S-Pen Color Note Taking & Drawing
  • Swipe gestures
  • StackWidget homescreen widget
  • Google Cloud Wireless Print
  • Text-to-speech read aloud function

Besides voice dictation, EZ Notes offers other methods of data entry including typing and S-pen for Samsung Note phones. The app also claims to be non-invasive, and doesn’t track any user data. Development started in late 2013, and EZ Notes has grown since then. In the early days Madani provided his app to people via side loading for testing purposes, and after receiving many requests to upload it to the Play Store, he was able to do it.

EZ Notes IMG 2

There’s no word on whether the app will become available on iOS, but with Apple’s built-in tool Voice Memos, it may be a more difficult sell on that platform. The app also directly competes with Google Keep, which offers much of the same features, except maybe S-pen drawing.

EZ Notes costs $0.99, and if you’d like to help out a small-time developer along the way, check out EZ Notes in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Google Play: EZ Notes Taking Voice Notes

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