Earlier this year, Apple announced the Apple Watch, which many of us found to be a bit lackluster, and the fact that it wouldn’t be arriving until next year was a bit of a disappointment as well. Indeed, even developers weren’t able to get their hands on WatchKit to start developing apps for the Apple watch…until now. iOS 8.2 is now available to Apple developers to download to their iOS capable devices and it is completely compatible with a newly released WatchKit to boot.

What Is WatchKit?

The basic reason for WatchKit SDK is to give developers all of the information, APIs, etc. that they need to develop the extensions of their iPhone and iPad applications that will display information on the upcoming Apple Watch. ESPN is already working on extending their applications to Apple Watch so that they can display contextual information for the things their users care about such as score updates or team news.

Fans crave real-time and personal information, and the ESPN app for Apple Watch gives us the ability to deliver live scores and information for their favorite teams…Glances provide fans with a snapshot of live games, and if there is no game taking place, they’ll get valuable game-time information or the final box score. With actionable notifications, the experience becomes even more personal, as fans receive alerts on score changes, news and more.John Kosner, EVP of Digital and Print Media, ESPN

At this point we don’t really know when the Apple Watch will become officially available but we’re pretty sure that it will cost about $350. What we can be thankful for is the fact that Apple is getting things ready plenty of time in advance, releasing both WatchKit and a compatible iOS on the same day.

Despite the fact that devs won’t be able to demo their applications on a real Apple Watch until next Spring, at least they will now be able to start building apps that extend to the Apple watch well ahead of time of the watch’s official launch thanks to WatchKit.

It should be worth noting, however, that the WatchKit SDK makes it clear that native Apple Watch applications, that is apps that are designed to run and only run on the watch will not be available until late 2015.

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