Apple is having a good couple of months. Not only has Apple released their newest, and biggest, iPhones but we’re now learning that thanks to the new iPhones and an updated iPad Air and iPad Mini, Apple is surging in the Enterprise sector. Apple had been slipping in activations before this quarter but has seen a surge on the backs of the iPhone 6 and to a lesser extent the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple has accounted for 69% of new Enterprise activations in Q3 2014, including 73% of all new activations in September alone. This is up 2% from the second quarter of 2014. The iPhone 6 has account for 85% of activations while it’s big brother, the 5.%’ iPhone 6 Plus has account for 15% of Apple’s Enterprise Activations. Apple’s gains come directly from competitor Google. It’s Android OS fell to 29% of all Enterprise activations from 31%. Phones running Windows OS stayed at 1% of activations which is on par with the previous six quarters.

iPad Air 2 Touch ID

Apple continued it’s domination in the tablet market as well. While Google’s Android did increase it’s marketshare for the second straight quarter, Apple holds a staggering lead of 89% of new activations to Android’s 11%. This is good, but not unexpected news for Apple as the trend of businesses picking Apple’s iOS over other mobile options continues. Expect Google to make a major push at enterprise customers with the release of their latest version of Android, Lollipop that supports more business friendly features and tighter security.

Retina MacBook Pro

On the consumer front, Apple has more good news. Apple shipped more Macs in Q3 than ever before. Apple’s quarterly shipment rose to 2.34 million macs which would account for 13.4% of the market putting it firmly behind giants Dell and HP. Last year at this time Apple had shipped 2.07 million units accounting for 12.9% of the market. The international market looks even better for Apple. They’ve shipped 5.51 million units this quarter which accounts for a  20.5% rise in share from Q3 2013 to Q3 2014. Based on these sales, Apple sits as the #5 manufacture.

The iPhone 6 is also being adopted twice as fast as the iPhone 5S was this time last year. The iPhone 6 now makes up 6% of he iPhone market followed by the iPhone 6 Plus at 1%. The iPhone 5S still leads the pack with 27% of iPhones followed closely by the iPhone 5 at 25%, the iPhone 4S at 18% and the colorful iPhone 5C at 9%. Interestingly, iPhone 6 Plus users are also spending more time using apps. It seems that the larger screen of the 6 Plus is encouraging users to use more apps to the tune of 11%. They’re also staying in the apps 13% longer than other users.

Source: VentureBeat

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