It seems that Apple may be in the process of moving away from allowing Pebble apps to be updated or added to the App Store. Earlier today, a developer for an application called SeaNav US, claimed that their app update was denied by the beings at Apple due to having support for the Pebble Smartwatch. Here is the notice that was received from Apple:

3.1 – Apps or metadata that mentions the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected 3.1 Details We noticed that your app or its metadata contains irrelevant platform information in the app. Providing future platform compatibility plans, or other platform references, is not appropriate for the App Store. Specifically, your app and app description declare support for thePebble Smartwatch. Next Steps Please remove any instances of this information from your app and its marketing materials, including the Application Description, What’s New info, Previews and screenshots. Since your iTunes Connect Application State is Rejected, a new binary will be required. Make the desired metadata changes when you upload the new binary. NOTE: Please be sure to make any metadata changes to all App Localizations by selecting each specific localization and making appropriate changes.Apple

It’s not yet known if this is an isolated case, or if this is a sign of things to come for applications that offer support for the Pebble Smartwatch now that the Apple Watch has come to fruition and will be shipping this month. What makes this a bit worrisome is the fact that SeaNav US has been available for two years on the App Store with support for the Pebble watch.

As stated above, Apple recommends removing any mentions of any other mobile platform before resubmitting the application to the App Store team. Some folks within the forum post have also suggested some options for the developer to try out before just giving up on releasing the latest update to the app.

It will definitely be interesting to watch (no pun intended) and see this situation play out, but hopefully, Apple doesn’t start denying these applications that do not support the Apple Watch yet. Only time will tell, but we’ll definitely be monitoring the situation. Let us know what your thoughts on this minor “debacle” are in the comment section below.

Source: Pebble Forums On SeaNav US App

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